Below are links relating to OpenStreetMaps that I find interesting, want to investigate further or just thought were cool..

Interesting Apps and Sites


src  |  Information

A tool that overlays paths\tracks\roads on your phone display using the camera, still needs a good amount of development but interesting.

Is an overview map that helps you to find the addresses of weekly markets, farm shops, farm milk, egg or food vending machines and many other local direct marketers in your region, currently only supports Germany and surrounding areas but a great idea.

Open Infrastructure Map

A view of the world’s hidden infrastructure mapped in OSM but not shown through the normal views.

Osmose – OpenStreetMap Oversight Search Engine

Logic checks on OSM data and presents for user checking


Scotland Core Paths Network

Used for logging issues and tracking progress on resolving

switch2osm | Make the switch to OpenStreetMap

F4map Demo – Interactive 3D map

ÖPNVKarte Bus Maps
open source map based travel photos gallery, with automatic place and weather descriptions of the very moment the photos were taken.

Potentially for projects
Can be used to find co-ordinates or look something up by co-ordinate.
Weather api with forecasts and history for locations.


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