WordPress Events Manager REST data

With WordPress adding a REST api, buddypress having one partially implemented it got me thinking about trying to build an app for my site, the only problem being that Events Manager plugin doesn’t expose any information via REST. Securing access to REST As I only allow logged in users to interact with most of my […]

WIP Newsletter plugin defaults

includes/controls.php I can’t see any easy way to override the functions below, there is a data object at the top of the document but not all inputs are checked against this and no way to inject own values from elsewhere.  These changes will need to be re-applied after every update. function yesno($name) { $value = […]

WIP – Working with Ning 2 exported data

The Ning platform used to be fantastic many years ago but lack of investment has left many looking for alternatives, a few years ago I had to move a site from Ning to WordPress and one of the first steps was correcting the Ning exports. The Ning Backup tool creates corrupt JSON exports of your […]

The Newsletter Plugin & BuddyPress registration form

If you are letting your users sign up to WordPress and using Newsletters there is a good chance you’ve installed the Registration Integration plugin for Newsletters, this will add a tick box so users can choose whether to be added to your newsletter database or not. This works perfectly on the WordPress registration form but […]

BuddyPress, Events Manager – Custom Attendeelist.php showing attendees

I modified the original code shared by EM on pastebin so that it would show the Buddypress image and membership level as well as the original name.  If you are not using BuddyPress you may wish to the look at the previous link or check out this placeholder replacement. Within wp-content/themes/CHILD_THEME/plugins/events-manager/placeholders Create Attendeelist.php This will […]

WP, BP & EM show totals on user list

The code below adds a column to the Users tab in the Dashboard to show the users totals for how many Posts, Locations, Events etc they have made.  It should work with any post type and will create a link that will bring up search results for each /* * Changes All Users list in […]

WordPress, BuddyPress & Events Manager customisations

Below are some of the pieces of custom code I’ve found around the internet for use on the WordPress, BuddyPress and Events Manager site I run, used to create a social network for a local hiking group. /* * Removes the wordpress News metabox * see https://codex.wordpress.org/Dashboard_Widgets_API for further details */ function yoursite_remove_dashboard_meta() { remove_meta_box( […]

Trainers and Crampons

Normally during the winter when the snow is a bit crisp I wear a pair of Meindl Burma (B0) boots and Tiso Monte Rosa flexible crampons, these are Similar to Grivel G10. A few years of abuse and these boots are starting to give up on life which got me to thinking.. can I use […]

PowerShell Part 1

PowerShell is a great tool for managing windows and if you work with Microsoft products it’s definitely worth learning.  I’ll be going over some of the basics below but one of the most useful things to know is once you have started typing a command you can press the tab key to autocomplete, if it […]