WIP – Working with Ning 2 exported data

The Ning platform used to be fantastic many years ago but lack of investment has left many looking for alternatives, a few years ago I had to move a site from Ning to WordPress and one of the first steps was correcting the Ning exports.

The Ning Backup tool creates corrupt JSON exports of your site but these should be fixable following the below steps..

1. Install Visual Studio Code, alternative code editors may work but I know the addons used work with this.

2. Open Extensions and install JSON Tools by Erik Lynd.

3. Open the JSON file you wish to work with and use save as to create a new copy with a different file name (this is just in case you completely mess up).

4. You’ll see that this json file is just 1 single line of text, in the problems box it should be complaining that it expects a JSON object.

5. To correct this, remove the initial ( in the document.

6. The problem box should now update to show more errors, double click each of these and add comma’s as requested between the }{ so it becomes },{
And for the End of file expected, delete the final )

7. Now if you Hold Ctrl + Alt and press M the document should automatically convert to pretty json format.


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