The Newsletter Plugin & BuddyPress registration form

If you are letting your users sign up to WordPress and using Newsletters there is a good chance you’ve installed the Registration Integration plugin for Newsletters, this will add a tick box so users can choose whether to be added to your newsletter database or not.

This works perfectly on the WordPress registration form but when you have BuddyPress installed this page is replaced and no tick box is shown, this has the knock on effect that the triggers don’t fire on user creation to add them to the database.

To correct this you can edit line 73 in wpusers.php within the plugin folder.


        add_action('register_form', array($this, 'hook_register_form'));


  if ( function_exists('buddypress') ) {
    add_action('bp_account_details_fields',array( $this,'hook_register_form'));
  } else {
    add_action('register_form', array($this, 'hook_register_form'));

I submitted this changed to the Plugin Authors so hopefully it will be added to their code soon.

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